Solid State Lighting Hawaii

Proudly serving all islands of Hawaii and the pacific rim

LED Lighting is changing our world and how we use light

What we sell

We represent the world's leading lighting manufacturers, building management systems, and lighting pole companies.  We bring their products to market, generating end user and engineering demand for their products.  In addition to LED lighting technology being efficient, it also provides architects with the ability to use light in ways they had never previously imagined.  We want to help them provide their clients with achieving just the right aesthetic they are looking to achieve.   

We strive to be a full service company with a focus on progress in lighting technology, differentiating ourselves from the market with our eagerness to help our client base through the transition to solid state lighting and full range controls. 


What we do

We call on engineers, architects, State/County offices, military installations, hotels operators, and distributors.  Our customer service team is here to assist with logistics support for contractors and distributors.  We offer startup services for lighting controls systems with on-island technicians.  

Company overview

Our line card has a diverse portfolio of lighting products including LED lighting and architectural illumination solutions.  Our firm is located on the island of Oahu, but covers all islands and the Pacific Rim.